TBR Electronics can assist you in building a prototype that fits your unique specifications. Whether it’s a proof-of-concept prototype to determine product needs or viability or a functional prototype to secure investors, the team at TBR has the knowledge and the experience to help.

Prototyping has changed over the past two decades with the proliferation of the hobbyist/maker market, with platforms like Arduino, products like Raspberry Pi, and companies like Adafruit, to name a few. These open-sourced hardware devices and firmware code snippets can speed one-off development and initial prototype designs. They may be a perfect solution if you only need a few prototypes made, and TBR can integrate them into a final product. 

However, if you desire to go into full production and make hundreds or thousands of units, then TBR will create a new product based on the design and features you require. Eliminating the unnecessary circuitry from the off-the-shelf prototype boards reduces overall costs and secures the IP for the client.

TBR conducts design reviews throughout the prototype development process so that you can be assured that when we are done, the parts we have chosen will be available for production. While we cannot predict the future, when it comes to components, we remain agile and can pivot quickly if a component becomes scarce or obsolete. Our company specializes in:

  • Component sourcing
  • Quick-turn bare board sourcing
  • Breadboard development
  • Firmware development and integration
  • Fast, short-run assembly
  • Low-volume 3D printing

Partner With TBR Electronics for Your Prototyping Needs

Utilizing your thumbnail sketches, application requirements, and more, the team at TBR will help you turn your unique vision into a prototype. We will draw from our three decades of experience to suggest design modifications to save you money and improve your products’ manufacturability. For more information on how we can support your prototyping needs, request a quote today and tell us more about your project.


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